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Dinner Menu

Smash Burgers

2 dry aged Beef Chuck and Brisket Smashed Patties served in a Glazed Seeded Brioche Bun

Signature Burger

Melting American Cheese / Pickles / Onions / Smash n Bird Burger Sauce



Smoked Crispy Bacon / BBQ Sauce / Applewood Crumble / Bacon Fries


Drunken Smash

Guinness + Mature Cheddar Fondue / Bacon and Caramelised onion Ketchup/ Roast Beef + Mustard Crispy Onions



Sriracha Spiced Rainbow Slaw / Chilli Cheese / Spiced Nachos / Crispy Jalapenos



Crispy Cauliflower Patty / Rainbow Slaw / Buffalo / Blue Cheese Ranch



Smash n Bird Original Recipe Crispy Buttermilk Chicken Fillet Served in a Glazed Seeded Brioche Bun

Signature Chicken

Shredded Iceberg / Pickles / SnB Burger Sauce



Blue Cheese Rainbow Slaw / Hot sauce / Crispy Jalapenos and Coriander



Spiced Corn Salsa / Hash Brown / Chicken Gravy / Shredded Iceberg


The Bengali

Crispy Veg Pakora/ Fresh Mint Chutney / Bombay Mix / Shredded Iceberg


Wings, Ribs & Tenders

SnB Buffalo Hot Sauce / Blue Cheese Ranch / Crispy Onions

Smoky BBQ Sauce / Applewood Aioli / Bacon Bits

Salt and Chilli / Crispy Chilli and Coriander Salsa / Katsu Mayo / Toasted Sesame Seeds

Plain with Dips

Crispy wings 5 doubles

Choose Your Topping



Half Rack Ribs



5 juicy tenders


Signature Seasoned Skin on Dirty Fries

Crispy Buttermilk Chicken

Chicken Gravy/ Corn Salsa / Crispy Onions / Scallions


Smashed Patty

Pickles / American Cheese / SnB Burger Sauce / Beef and Mustard Crispy Onions


Buffalo Chicken

Buffalo Hot sauce / Blue Cheese Rainbow Slaw / Chilli and Coriander


Seasoned House Fries

Skin on fries with house seasoning


Poutine Fries

Skin on fries served with curry or chicken gravy, topped with cheese and crispy onions.




3oz smash burger cheese ketchup


Chicken Tender Burger

Cheese / mayo


Chicken Tenders


Sauces & Dips







Bubble Shakes


Chicken Tender Wraps

Buffalo Chicken Tender Wrap


Drunken Chicken Tender Wrap


Colonels Chicken Tender Wrap


Signature Chicken Tender Wrap


Veggie Wrap


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